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Hi, I'm Shelley! 


I'm an author + photographer!


Do you find yourself wandering the great outdoors, picking up rocks that look cool and jamming them into your pockets until you have to hold your pants up with both hands?  And while you’re in the great outdoors, find a random assortment of used men’s underwear in unexpected places? Do you talk to your furry family like they actually understand and hang on every word you speak? Well, I have and I do. To keep it to myself would be a travesty so I wrote a book about these things and so much more. I even include pictures I’ve taken along the way. The first book is called Did I Say That Out Loud? which was released in July 2018.  My latest book was released in November 2023, and is called I Came In Here For A Reason. Both are filled with short stories about life, past and present. My very own version of Dear Diary with a twist. The points of the stories are to make you laugh, resonate enough to make you remember some of your own fun memories, and remind you it’s okay not to take yourself or life too seriously.


Dear Diary...

I like to think of my blogging as a dear diary type of thing. I've been doing this same thing on Facebook for years and now I am moving my urge to document stuff to this blog instead. My personal history is hard enough to remember throughout the years so I have found doing this helps me remember what the heck I've been doing. Hopefully, you will find it entertaining, perhaps you'll even be super grateful you aren't me. Feel free to comment but be as positive as you can. It's hard to be me. 

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Read my latest book!

it won't put you to sleep. i Promise.

Light reading, fun filled books about some of the many fits and starts of getting used to retirement. Reflections, the reality of aging, and a humorous look at everyday life.

The first book is called Did I Say That Out Loud? and the second is I Came in Here for a Reason. 

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