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Am I Crazy?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Ordinarily this would be classified as a dumb question but let me explain.

I have a couple of very creative friends. They can turn a room into art. They can take an old piece of furniture and make it functionally beautiful. Both have been busy this past year remodeling and/or painting rooms in their homes and even painting the outside of the house. I literally drool as I have no real skill in seeing what some thing can look like and they make things, rooms, come alive. I kind of suck at picking colors, visualizing what can be from what is, especially if I am so used to it. The inside of my house has not been changed in well over 10 years. It's burned into my brain.

Being a trained observer, I noticed that they both have come to the end of their at home projects so being the super duper great friend I am, I asked them if they would be willing to help me redo my dining room. Just to keep them sharp. It's all about them, not me. Sort of. I'm not sure if they really are done with their own homes but I figured if they weren't they would tell me.

We picked a day and time and they came over to look over things. I'm not going to lie, watching them look around and throw ideas out was magical. They pulled ideas out of the smallest things, a copper pot hanging from the wall became an accent to the theme. The beat up dining room table and chairs had more promise than I had ever thought possible. Fabric swatches appeared out of nowhere to provide new coverings for the chair seats and the back of the glassed cabinets. Pick a fabric, a paint color, leave this, change that, get busy. My brain began to see what could be.

Tough love. Move the plants off the top of the cabinets. Forever. You don't need 6 water jugs to water the plants. One will do. Pretty soon I was doing the tough love on myself. I needed to reorganize and dispose of needless unused things that had been sitting so long, the dust may have become part of the shelving surface. Bring on the Mr. Clean sponges.

My marching orders were to pick out and order fabric for the chairs and cabinets, get copper drawer pulls, pick up chalk paint, take cabinets apart, move everything out of the room and clean, clean, clean.

Not going to lie, I'm a bit embarrassed. I found things I never knew I had and since I hadn't ever used them, they went in the garbage. I had managed, over the years, to put things in the cabinets because it was handier but they really didn't belong there so I sorted, moved or threw away. The level of dust and dried out flies in places like the high window sills or top of cabinets was appalling. Ugh. It may take me a while to forgive myself.

Now that I'm about ready to get to the painting and help with various things, one of my muses got Covid. As I wait for her recovery, I'm taking the time to see the possibilities of the rest of my house and trying not to get overwhelmed. It has truly made me think about what I have and what I need.

And to answer my own question about if I'm crazy I can only say this, as it pertains to getting on the ball and asking for help, I don't think crazy is the right word. In many other aspects of my life, crazy is entirely appropriate.

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