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Dining Room Reveal

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

It was recently brought to my attention that I set you all up for the makeover of my dining room and then never showed how it turned out. Shame on me!

Before I do that, let me tell you a little about the process. First of all, I learned it's okay, in fact even liberating, to turn all decision making over to other people and for me to become the gopher for all things. I also know I am way slower at painting than either one of them so they gave me jobs where speed was not necessary while allowing me to feel part of the process. In other words, I painted cabinets while they painted the entire room. Twice.

After all the painting was done, it was time to put hinges and knobs on the cabinets, clean up all the mess we had made, and for me to leave. I was given orders to leave my house and not come back until a certain time. It was magic time and they were ready to decorate. I sort of felt like I was on a home DIY fixit show and was waiting for my own version of Fixer Upper to show up later for the big reveal. I was excited. Already the room looked amazing, what more could they do?

When I got home I was met at the door and instructed to close my eyes while they led me to the dining room. I did not peek. Finally allowed to open my eyes, I got my first look and just stood there, staring, checking out all the things as I scanned the entire room. My eyes teared up and I had to physically close my mouth. It was totally transformed.

A big clock hung just on the wall just below the peak of the ceiling. The cabinets were filled with glassware so the cloth backing showed through them. It was elegant. I've never had elegant. The copper light had been rewired and turned on creating a glow from the corner of one shelf. The other copper thing was all shined up and hanging on the other side of the room like it was born to be there. The cookbook bookcase was tidy and organized. The top of it had family pictures of my dad, grandkids and daughter. There was more but not too much. It was perfect.

The dining room table, once a giant rectangle of beat up chairs and table top, was now round and significantly smaller. I kept looking at it until I finally said 'that's not my table. It's too nice.' I can be really astute when I want to be. Turns out it wasn't my table but another one repurposed for my use and it was beautiful. It matched the chairs perfectly.

In fact, the whole evening was perfect. Friends stopped by to see it and enjoy snacks and wine or whatever. Conversation flowed and I was filled with gratitude and peace. I can entertain without worrying about how things look because now it's inviting. YAY!

As for my two friends, who poured creative genius and love into my house, the words 'Thank You' don't seem nearly enough to express how I feel. I love them for sharing their gifts and time for me. I even love them for bossing me around. I love them for pushing me to make this house my own and showing me how to let go and move on. I just love them.

I still have a lot of work to do and plan to do it one room at a time. New colors, reorganized, purged and simplified. That's how it's done. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

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