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Light Bulb Moments

I do my best creative thinking when I'm trying to fall asleep. It's very annoying.

If something pops up in my brain that is particularly profound, I'll turn the light on and write a tickler phrase so I can remember it the next day. That's the theory anyway as many tickler phrases have turned out to be pure nonsense and I'll scratch my head trying to figure out what some of those words are doing together, that is, if I can read my scrawl. But every once in a while, it turns into one of the stories in my books so in case anyone wonders where some of my stories come from, now you know.

Recently, my overactive pre-sleep brain kicked in with a bunch of really important topics I know I'll never have answers for yet I'll have a whole conversation with myself about them. I can't stop them until they've run their course. Ugh.

For example, why is it, when I'm watching The Voice, I don't hear what the coaches hear? They fawn over a performance that leaves me rather cool or I hear flat or sharp notes from the artist. What did they hear that I didn't or vice versa? Am I tone deaf? Many times during the season I'll wonder what America was thinking in getting rid of my favorite singer? Am I too invested? Um, yes.

I asked this on my regular Facebook page and got several interesting responses but I want to document it on my blog...just because. I am a major pet lover, as most people are, and when it comes to my heart, dogs have ruled my life. Mostly girl dogs but I've had a few really great boy dogs. What I wonder is why boy dogs tend to back up to something to poop? Is it instinctive like some self preservation thing? Or is it just more comfortable because of volume or technique? What's the deal?

The most baffling question lately has nothing to do with falling asleep pop ups. It's been a real life occurrence more than once. Get this. Try not to picture it in your mind. A few times, after I have shaved my legs, I'll be putting lotion on afterwards and as I watch to make sure I'm getting full coverage, I'll notice one hair sticking out somewhere on the front of one leg. Just one. How did I miss it? I go over my legs several times with the razor so how is it possible? I do not know.

There is a reason I write. To clear my mind. Or try to. Whether it's falling asleep thinking or just trying to make

sense of everyday life, I feel like I'm making room for new thoughts and interpretation of what is going on around me. Somehow, I find it gives me a chance to stop and feel gratitude for this very precious thing we call life. Yay!

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I have the same problem remembering those genius thoughts that come in the middle of the night. And reading my notes in the morning. Thank God I’m not alone!

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