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Making Progress

Once again I am procrastinating working on the edits of my upcoming book. In case you weren't aware I was writing a second book, let me fill you in. It will have 26 stories instead of 25 like the last one. I think it will be just as bizarre but a bit better written. I'm thinking it's because I have spent a lot of time reading each story out loud and finding where it doesn't quite flow or I went off on some tangent not related to the story. It's how my brain works so I shouldn't be surprised.

The title is 'I Came In Here For A Reason' which I'm pretty sure many people can relate to. Working titles of the stories include 'Save the Worms', 'What's That Smell?', 'Disco Yard Mowing', 'Aging is Not For Wimps', and other relatable topics of life. I have cracked myself up a bunch writing these. I may put some ticklers from the stories on my website soon.

If you read my first book, 'Did I Say That Out Loud?' and didn't leave a review, would you take some time to get on Amazon and do that? I only have 20 reviews so far and the way Amazon works, their algorithms make a difference in how books show up on their site.

If you would like an autographed copy of the book, I have about 50 on hand and I would be happy to sign and mail a copy to you. Cost to you would be $12, including postage. Just send me an email and we'll do some business.

Well, I better get back to my editing. Family Feud is coming along nicely. Not the game show....

Oh, don't forget to subscribe to my site so you can receive these scintillating blog entries the second I publish them. And it's free! is your friend. And we can chat. No one has tried to chat with me yet so I'm interested to see how it works. So, stay safe and I'll try to get this new book out sooner than later.

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