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Shelley Douthett

Hi there, hey there, ho there!

I thought I should include a bio. It will be short and relatively painless. When you read my books, you'll find a lot more interesting stuff about me and in fact, you may even discover you are more like me than you want to be. But I digress...

In my younger years, say ages 0-30, I moved, as in relocated, 30 times. This was due to my dad being in the Air Force, and then me going to college, and then after that finding a job within the USDA Forest Service. I have since settled down in Townsend, Montana, where I have relocated within five miles of town only four times. I'd like to say I've downsized my life by moving a lot but unfortunately, I cannot. I will say I have found my forever home and have no intention of doing anymore moving except for fun traveling. 

I am blessed with all kinds of family. Some bark, others meow, some are related by blood and some are not. I even gave birth once. It really hurt. I am a daughter, a mom (!), a grandma, a sister, and a friend. I try really hard to do it all well but as I learned a long time ago, I am way less than perfect. Most everyone has been very forgiving. 

I retired from my glorious career in 2011 after more than three decades of the ultimate learning experience, work. Now I'm onto more fun learning experiences. Why is it more fun? Because I get to learn instead of having to learn. And there are no pop up quizzes or written tests. Is that great or what? 

I've become a rockhounding fool, a whitewater kayak maniac, a history buff, a really slow hiker, and a camping off the grid hermit. And that's just for starters. I have a life list instead of a bucket list. It's constantly being edited. 

And as I meander through this chapter of life, I've become an author. Short stories are my therapy. I can get a lot of weird stuff out of my head and into yours with a short story. You are welcome! 

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