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Did I say that Out Loud?

Want to read the funniest book you haven’t read yet? Who wouldn’t? Well, here it is and you are welcome! Here are 25 short stories about life covering a range of topics you, the reader, will find either endlessly fascinating or resonate with, or both. Here are a few questions that might get you interested: Have you ever found yourself faced with simple Do-It-Yourself projects that go horribly wrong and wonder what you did to deserve this? Do you have a collection of really pretty rocks from all over the place lining your window sills in your home? Are you a sometimes impulsive buyer of things like cars or travel trailers? And have you ever found a used pair of men’s underwear in the great outdoors?  Do you love bacon? Do you burst into song for no apparent reason? How many times have you tried to lose weight? This book will take you places you thought only you had gone and never told anyone about. It’s okay. Get this book today! You’ll be glad you did! Incidentally, it’s perfect for bathroom reading….just saying.


Wait - someone else keeps rocks on their window sill? And sings at random moments? Every chapter is like having a conversation with your funniest best friend. I limited myself to a chapter a day to make the book last longer, and I can't wait to see what Shelley Ann Douthett writes next! This book will make a great gift for yourself or for a friend that likes to laugh - ordering one for that reason today!


Shelly writes in a unique voice that is simultaneously self confident and deprecating. She takes personal situations and makes them universal while slyly winking at the camera. Packed with personality and personal revelations these stories will resonate with anyone who enjoys life and embraces its challenges and mysteries.


Absolutely loved this book! The author has a way of making you feel a part of each story! Tender moments and hysterical moments, that will make you laugh until you cry or just cry because of the emotions she evokes. I highly recommend this book.

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