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Looking Back-Unloading

Updated: Mar 2

I've decided to provide you all with a little feedback on your feedback about the stories I wrote for my first book, Did I Say That Out Loud? The beauty of writing short stories is seeing which ones I expected to hear about versus the ones I did hear something about. As a writer, feedback is important. As a reader, how a story touches you is important so the writer can do better in the following book(s). Sadly, I didn't get as much reaction to most of the stories as I was hoping for. I got great reviews, but I think I was looking for more specifics. What was your favorite story? Why? Did any of them resonate with you? How? Tell me the truth. I can take it.

The reason I'm asking, more like begging, is because I plan to have my second book, I Came In Here For A Reason out shortly. I think my writing has improved although the subject matter might make you question whether it's safe to talk to me about anything because it might lead to a story in future books. Or, these might be a bit TMI (Too Much Insanity, I mean Information). Don't worry, I will never use your name unless you give me permission. I promise.

My first book is rough. It was a total learning process and I think it shows. When I get the second book out, I plan to go back and correct all the typos and formatting errors in the first book, maybe even clarify the actual writing. It's why there's such a thing as a Second Edition. While I've never been a perfectionist in any way, shape or form, I know I can do better.

Don't get me wrong, I have received some pretty fun feedback. My old boss, Bruce, actually wrote me a chapter-by-chapter review and sent me some of his underwear. The underwear was disposed of properly and the review is filed in a notebook. Chapter 9, Do I Want To Know? is the story I've had the most comments on. I get pictures or comments from readers about the men's underwear they found out in the great outdoors, something they were not aware of before. Have I created a new thing? One of the people I dedicated the book to, Mrs. Bender, also sent a nice, long letter about her impressions of the book contents. I will treasure it always.

Every once in a while, I question myself about why I'm doing this, writing books. In the beginning it was just so I could see such a thing in my hands. Now I can't seem to stop writing but that doesn't mean I have to publish something, does it? I question my motivation and come up with all kinds of answers. The first book was more of a memoir sprinkled with weird things that seem to happen or I notice in the course of living. The second book speaks more to the idea of resonance. You, the reader, relate to something I've written that brings back a memory or time in your life that makes you happy. That's really what it's all about. That and a chuckle or two.

Thanks for listening. I better get back to book 2.

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