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Catchup Not Ketchup

Two days into official spring and I'm outta control. Been spinning out on a daily basis as I look around the outside of my house at all the things I need to get done before summer hits. I've pirouetted so many times as I head to do one thing and see 14 more things to do I get dizzy. It doesn't help to wake up to new snow on the ground most mornings. Yeah, it's gone by noon but come on, stop already.

A week ago, I dragged my camp trailer out of its cave and started dreaming of places to go. But first it needed a good cleaning and restocking. Problem is, when I go in it to get started, I seem to be unable to walk by the bed without checking to see if it's still really comfy. It is. I'll just lay here for 15 minutes and then get to work. Right.

The pruning of trees and shrubs is at the top of one of my lists. I was supposed to get most of them done in the winter. Before the sap starts running. Whoops. Before long, I have a pile of branches taller than me. This leads me to cutting them into smaller pieces to feed my fire rings, also known to me as the rings of happiness. I'm a pyro at heart.

I'm not the only one feeling springy. The dogs and the cats like being outside. And they all want my undivided attention. When I start pushing the wheelbarrow to some place to pick stuff up, they get these looks on their faces like I'm no fun. I promise to take the dogs someplace where they can run free. The cats just look at me and walk away. I tell them all that if they would just help me, we could play more.

The other day I took the dogs down to the lake to see how things were looking and to rockhound. Of course. The ice that was blown up into drifts along the shore over the winter

was the only ice left on the lake and Maizy had to roll on it. She is not ready to let go of winter. Tank, on the other hand, wanted to swim so I threw some driftwood out and he happily swam out and got it. The water has to be dang cold. He's missed swimming. I also used the time to meander along the piles of rocks, or sitting and watching the birds, dogs and lake, slowing my brain down and just breathing. It was just what we all needed.

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