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It's Been A Minute

Winter is not my favorite time of year but I just realized February is almost over and January went by in flash. This year, the weather has been all over the place with 50+ degree shifts like -20 to 40 in a matter of days and then back and forth. I don't know whether to go work out in the yard or hunker down in front of the stove. It's messing with my mind.

What I haven't done is write much. Releasing my book in November was a poor tactical decision. And I have to admit, sitting down and writing blog posts regularly was not in my top 57 things to do. I stared at the screen a lot. I haven't been doing any marketing or even planning to. It hit me that my writing career is more of a writing hobby and I'm not going to stress about it. I'm also not going to get rich off it. I got my first payment from selling the book through It was $3.72. It is better than what I got from Amazon with my first book.

This reality reinforced my mindset to just relax and enjoy the ride. Whatever I sell, I sell and I'd much rather meet people and convince them in person why my book is the best thing since buttered bread and they need it to nourish their lives. Whoa, that was deep! I love reading a chapter or three in front of a group of people and then sitting back and listening to what memories it brought back for them. We are all connected in so many ways.

So, I'll try to do more blogging. One thing for sure is I always have something to say about just about anything. Except politics and religion. I just have to sit down and do it. Of course, I say that about cleaning the house too. Or cutting 94-year-old Little Mother's toenails. Ugh.

If you want either of my books, just send me an email at and I'll mail signed copies direct to you. Then I'll make a wee bit more $ and you'll wonder how my signature has anything to do with my name. But, and this is the best part, you get your very own hand drawn stick figure! Who can pass that up?!

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