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Thoughts Along the Way

I got to do a 2-week hiatus of sorts in the fall of 2023. It was a long summer filled with unexpected events. As I drove south for a couple of days, I had a lot of time to think. My little mother used to tell me I think too much but my question was always how do I not do that? I can't. Sometimes I'm entertained by the strange little thoughts or things that pop up.

Example: n several western states, there are boat washing stations near the state borders. They are there to prevent invasive species from moving from different water sites and spreading evil things like zebra mussels and plant species from ruining the lakes or rivers. As I speed by them, on the freeway, I notice they don't get a lot of traffic and they look lonely, those people that wash your watercraft clean of whatever.

Usually when I see them my mind picks up speed in deep thinking. I wonder how I would handle such a seemingly boring job of which most is waiting for someone to pull in. I could write a book, read a book, take naps, twiddle my thumbs, or make a lot of new friends I'd never see again. I had a lot of tedious jobs in high school and college but this one would take those to another level. No thanks.

On my return trip, I saw one of these places and thought about driving in and asking if they would wash my car since I didn't have a boat of any kind. One of these days, I might just do it. Gives them something to do and I might get a free car wash. Win win.

Pretty much any trip I take where the driving part is more than 5 hours, I feel my age. I used to be able to drive over 12 hours no problem. Now I have to stop and let the dogs out on the pretense they need to go potty. Sometimes I do too. And whether I've been on the road an hour or 2, my stops involve getting out of the car and all the blood that has built up in my fanny from sitting tries really hard to reach my legs. My legs groan as I straighten them. My right knee sounds like a gunshot and I limp around for a bit. How did this happen? Decades of living and hurting myself.

I think about this EVERY time I stop. When I get back on the road, after walking around until there is no more pain, I revisit my youth when it didn't hurt to move. I think about all the places I've been and smile. I'm always glad I stop so I can watch the dogs zip all over the place. Plus, odds are I will find a pair of discarded men's underwear in the great outdoors which I explained in my first book, Did I Say That Out Loud? I have pictures to prove it.

In fact, we have a dog stop we have to visit every time I head south for an adventure. I found a pair of men's underwear there up in some rocks about 5 years ago. This past year when we stopped, I found them again. Same pair. Using my science brain, I was curious to know how long things like this last in the great outdoors. I know they last at least 5 years but they are definitely looking like they may not last another 5 years. Don't worry, I'll be sure to check and let you know.

Oh yeah, I think really deep thoughts when I drive anywhere. Anytime I'm on one of these longer drive trips I ponder if or where I might stop for the night just because I can. I'm rarely in a hurry to get home. Might be comfier in my old Tundra truck than my old Prius, but it's all about the adventure and the availability of my hometown chiropractors who roll their eyes and put up with me which is just another reason I love my life.

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