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While the idea of camping is a bit up in the air at the moment, I'm using the time to make my little trailer ready for action. It's gotten a bit beat up over the years since I tend to take the roads less traveled more than I probably should. These roads are usually more bumpy and may even have clearance issues I power through making everything not tied down in the trailer, end up on the floor. Whoops.

So, here I am, fixing stuff with my hacksaw, hammer, nails, screwdrivers, and of course, power tools. While other trailer people are spending time making the inside of their trailers more like the inside of their homes, I'm just putting things back together or taking out some of the 'amenities' like the television and convection oven to create more storage. If I can't cook something on the campfire or my little 2 burner stove, it doesn't come with us. And I don't go camping to watch TV. It just seems wrong to me.

Why do I have so many things to fix after a year or seven of camping? Because I do a lot of dumb things. My little trailer has one slide out and it makes it feel so much bigger and I love it. What did I do the first year I had it? I broke the face of the slide out cabinet by powering the slide out back

in and not paying attention to the real reason it wouldn't close all the way. A shoe. The shoe fell off the bed and wedged down where the trailer wall meets the slide out cabinet wall. Result=stripped screws and a now hinged like cabinet face. It's hard to be me sometimes.

Plastic guides in the drawers have broken and had to be replaced. The shower head and toilet valve both froze one winter because I didn't properly winterize them. Ever shower when the water comes out the side of the handle instead of the head of it? Or turn the water pump on and hear water exploding out of the back of the toilet? Anyone hear my primal screams?

This year, I'm making sure everything is fixed and functional before I take it out. I know, a novel concept. One I should know by now....

So, I'm off to the trailer today to work on getting ready to skedaddle when the time is right. Wish me luck! I'll need it.

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23 abr 2020

That looks like a cool spot to set up camp. Where is that? Is that Tank guarding your generator?

Me gusta
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